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One of the busiest trading halls in Italy, where the Trading Team and the Sales Force work to provide clients with the best investments.

Trust our values

We were born in 1980 as a brokerage company on Italian shares and bond markets. Few years later, monetary deregulation allowed Italian investors to deal on international markets. That’s how we started specializing in emerging markets and Eurobonds.

In 1998, we decided to take up banking for legislative innovations that let banks merge with stock brokerage firms and for our knowledge of the markets. We could jump with confidence thanks to our experience, our development and specialization. In 2004 Promos became a bank, being authorised by the Bank of Italy.

During these years we have been building relationships with over 1200 banks worldwide, keeping our roots firmly planted in our region. We are a strong benchmark for companies in Southern Italy, thanks to our simple values and a 30-year experience.

Our quotations are a reference point for other investment banks.


  • Head of Trading Marco Villano
  • Team Francesco Gallo
    Flora Carducci
    Marina Florio
    Simone Mustich
    Paolo Cozzolino

Sales Team

  • Nunzia Carrano Ireland, Great Britain, Malta & Scandinavia (Sweden, Finland, Denmark)
  • Dionisia Galante,
    Monica Iapalucci,
    Fabio Malatesta &
    Gianfranco Tamburrini
    French speaking countries (France, Monaco, Mauritius, Belgium, French Switzerland, Luxembourg), Germany, Holland
  • Francesca Borzacchiello &
    Nunzia Carrano
    England and United States
  • Fabio Malatesta &
    Rosa Nasti
    Italian speaking countries (Italy, Italian Switzerland, Republic of San Marino), Greece, Spain, Portugal
  • Francesca Borzacchiello &
    Mario Maselli
    Eastern Europe (Estonia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia, Lebanon, Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Cyprus)